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Raw industrial

The industrial look is achieved by utilising the structural nature of a building or room: high ceilings, exposed bricks, beams and pipes, concrete floors, and natural light. Muted colours are essential. Materials like concrete, steel, glass, firm leather and unpolished wood are combined with angular-shaped furniture, bare light bulbs, or metal pendants and floor lamps, and graphic art.


Clean minimalism

The clean minimalistic style combines elegance and comfort. There is no room for pieces that do not have a clear function. Neutral colours like white, black and grey create a spacious and peaceful atmosphere. They are matched with shiny materials like metal, glass, polished wood and smooth leather. Geometric shapes are dominant in furniture and decoration. A clean minimalist interior will look balanced and luxurious. Less is more!


Artfully eclectic

An artfully eclectic interior balances objects from different styles and eras. Vintage pieces and curious pieces from all corners of the world are combined with modern design. Bright colours throw in more contrast and excitement. This adventurous style represents the owner's authenticity and personality. Dare to be different!


Rustic comfort

A rustic interior features natural, organic and hand-made products, with all their imperfections. Unfinished and worn materials are combined with soft finishes and colours; wood, pottery, baskets, hand-forged metal, rough cotton and linen in natural and greyish tones. Rustic furniture is romantically matched with Scandinavian and Middle-Eastern elements. Organic textures and shapes, and floral, checked and striped vintage fabric patterns are the standard.


Confident luxury

This style breathes confidence and elegance: a tad masculine, stylish and comfortable, without excessive luxury. Every element is functional. Dark colours are matched with earthy tones and white and grey varieties. Sturdy and rich materials are mixed with ease; leather, wood, and steel with velvet, shiny copper and bronze. Design classics are the perfect finishing touch for this style!


Scandi essence

This style is subtle, casual and minimalistic, with a strong emphasis on light and comfort. The focus is on craftsmanship; plain furniture in unfinished wood combines perfectly with pure and warm materials like wool, felt and cotton. Crisp paper lamps and graphic details in pastel tones give the Scandi interior freshness and coziness.


Contemporary classic

Luxury, elegance and comfort are the basis for this style, that effortlessly applies classic elements in a modern way. Symmetry, ornaments, flower and geometric patterns together with contemporary furniture create a peaceful atmosphere. Deep and intense colours go well with light tones, with a hint of gold here and there. This style is about classic materials and finishes like dark woods, lacquered materials, glass, marble, rich fabrics, and  golden, silver and crystal accents. Modern art and designer pieces are thrown in for a contemporary twist.



A bohemian interior is an interesting and eclectic mix of ethnic furniture and accessories from all over the world. Exotic objects, embroideries and pottery are combined with kelims and Persian and roughly woven rugs. Handmade accessories and special treasures from flea markets and antique stores bring a casual and authentic look and feel. Warm earthy tones in natural materials are matched with aqua, violet and gold in rich fabrics for the genuine boho-look.