gift a beautiful interior

Sometimes it's really hard to find the perfect present for that special person. They either have everything they wish, or you'd like to give something personal and special, and can't find anything that matches your expectations. It has to be something they can enjoy for a long time, something that lasts. We have the solution! Gift a Homeshakers colour advice or interior design! 

Three reasons to choose for a Homeshakers giftcard:


1. Succes guaranteed!

We belief that design is personal. We, therefore, match the gift-receiver with the perfect designer for him or her. Our interior designers- and -stylists transform a house into a home, for every style and every budget. You only have to take the first step, the rest will be taken care of!


2. Homeshakers is the perfect present to give together


Collect money with friends, family, or colleagues. Gifting Homeshakers interior design enables all of you to give a personal present.


3. It's actually a present for yourself


You'll benefit from the new interior as well, whenever you visit! Perhaps you'll be invited even more often! So, this present is for you as well….