Homeshakers offers affordable interior design advice for every style and every room; personal, professional interior design made easy, for everybody! On this page you'll find a selection of our projects, to give you an idea of what we can do for you. Be inspired, request a free consultation, or start a project right away!

Open plan living room and kitchen

Moving from London, Pieter needed help with his new apartment in Amsterdam. He had a sense of urgency, and a very good idea of what he liked and wanted to achieve.

He asked Homeshakers to bring in additional creativity and inspiration for his open plan living room and kitchen.


Homeshakers provided colour, furniture and lighting suggestions, the optimal lay-out and ideas for a kitchen make-over. The bedroom was tackled as well.

Pieter's apartment has become the perfect space to relax after a busy working day, to chill in the weekend or to have a little dinner party with friends.

Ontwerp achterpui
Ontwerp achterpui

Open space kitchen

Oscar and Jet recently moved with their two kids to a 30's townhouse in Haarlem.

They both love cooking and inviting friends for dinner, so the kitchen is a very important space in their home.


The incidence of light and the lay-out in the rear side of the house could be rigorously improved.


They hired Homeshakers to be inspired and explore different options.

We are very proud of the result!

A couple in Den Haag bought a house in a pretty bad state, stripped it completely and renovated it from top to bottom. The front part of the house still has old details, which combine surprisingly well with the modern, industrial rear part.

They are both fans of natural light, spaciousness, and colour. Homeshakers provided a comprehensive interior design, inspired on - amongst others- the thirties stained glass. The couple executed the plan in phases..

The result is a beautifully balanced mix of old and new, vintage and design, en some IKEA thrown in as well.

Photography: Jansje Klazinga

Photostyling: Emmy van Dantzig

Living room and kitchen area


A couple in Rotterdam, with a baby on the way, asked Homeshakers to design the babyroom.

The former guest room is rather small, so it was a challenge to fit all furniture and functionalities in a convenient way.

White combines well with pastel aqua and greyish pink. The result is very calming. Some colour accents, like bright yellow, green and blue add a playful touch, like the graphic shadows of the pendant.


Dressing room yogaschool

Katri, the owner of Yoganesa in Rotterdam, asked Homeshakers to help her refresh the look of the dressing room in her yogaschool.

The space is located in the basement, with no incidence of natural light. The old carpet, benches and clothing hooks were kept in the design that Homeshakers made.

The result is a completely different atmosphere by using a very outspoken colour and diffuse light; beautiful, calm and intimate.


The cushions, mandala wall sticker and perforated light add the finishing touch!

Little boy's room

T&L in Utrecht were expecting a baby, and their son of almost two years old was moving to another bedroom to make space for the baby.

They had a colourful room in mind and a few ideas on furniture and decoration. They asked Homeshakers to turn their ideas into reality.

Homeshakers helped them choose the right colours and accessories. The result is a boldly coloured room that all three of them love!