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7 Designer tips for your small space

Although living small has its advantages in terms of affordability and coziness, it can be quite a challenge to make your interior work if you only have a few square meters to work with.

A practical lay-out is essential, because your space must not only be appealing, but also easy-to-use and comfortable. Fortunately, small spaces can be as attractive and practical as big spaces. Let us help you make the most out of your small space with these 7 easy designer tips.

1. Smart storage space

Think of a wall-to-wall cupboards or shelves, with our without doors: they can be practical as well as decorative. And what about some nice baskets with covers for all the everyday things that tend to accumulate everywhere.

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2. Use multifunctional furniture

Select a few furniture items that have more than one function, like a couch that can serve as a bed, a footstool or ottoman with storage space, or a bed with drawers underneath it. The latter is perfect for storing your summer clothes in the winter season. Beware, though, that there is enough space around the bed to access the drawers.


3. Apply light colours

Light colours enlarge a space optically. Especially if your room doesn't catch much natural light, a light floor and light tones - like pastels - on the wall are preferred.


4. Keep it simple

The best tip to make a small space look bigger is to keep it simple. Make sure there is no clutter. Restrict the use of bright colours, 'loud' patterns and small things lying around. Think twice about the objects and pieces of furniture in your room. Do you really need them? If not, get rid of them.


5. Maximise light with mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, and your space, so they make your room look bigger. You can apply one big mirror, or several small ones. Mirrors are totally on trend now, so you can't really go wrong here.

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6. Big pieces

It seems counterintuitive, but using big pieces of furniture, carpets that cover your whole floor, and super-sized art can make a space look bigger. If you combine too many small objects, which is what most of us do with small spaces, your space will look smaller. So, dare to choose at least one big item!


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7. Light, airy, and breezy

You want to make sure your line of sight is maximal. Glass and other transparent materials will enable you to look through them, so you'll see more of your space. They create the illusion that your space is bigger than it really is. Stay away from heavy textiles and fabrics, especially in curtains, because you want as much light as you can get. Use lightweight, soft and light-coloured fabric and textures.


We're curious to know about your experiences with small spaces. Do you recognise the problem, and do these tips help you? Do you have good ideas and tips we don't know about? Or do you have a specific issue with your interior that you need help with? Let us know!

We can write about it in one of our blogs, or we can help you create your ideal interior. Have a look at our website for our packages and follow us for the latest trends, designs and news, also on Facebook and Instagram.



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