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Decluttering with Marie Kondo

We have all gathered too much stuff in our homes. Do you even fully realise what you own and where it's located? These Marie Kondo tips will ensure a great decluttering experience of your home! It's time for a fresh and clean start.

Marie Kondo, for those of you who don't her yet, is a celebrity when it comes to organising and decluttering your homes. Everyone who has read her book or seen her TV show on Netflix is hooked on the KonMari method. We give you the highlights.

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#1 Submit yourself to decluttering

It may sound a bit weird, but Marie Kondo strongly feels that focusing on decluttering is of the utmost importance. It's a hell of a job, so make sure you focus 100% on the task. If not, you won't be successful.

#2 Declutter per category

The KonMari method is clear about it: decluttering is done per category and not per space! There are 4 categories: we always start with our clothing, then with books and papers, and we continue with Komono (small items), ending with all items that we are emotionally attached to. By sticking to the categories, you tackle the whole house instead of just a few spaces.

#3 Spark joy

You'll be surprised when you pile up all your clothes: probably you have many more than you thought. So, where to start? Spark joy is the answer. Pick up every piece of clothing separately, and feel if it makes you happy. If not, it's very simple: get rid of it.

#4 Folding

Marie Kondo has a very special way of folding clothes. She folds them in such a way that all there is left is a small square. She puts the squares upright in the closet. That way you have a great overview of what's in your closet.

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#5 Putting away your stuff

Komono, all small things in your home, need to have a dedicated place. The best way to store the small items is to put them in boxes. By using multiple boxes you create dedicated spaces, for instance in a drawer. That's how you easily organise your loose and small items.

#6 Thanking your stuff

One of the final tips that Marie has is to thank the pieces that you throw out for what they have meant to you. It sounds absurd, but you'll see that it brings you a lot of positivity if you do that.

We hope these tips will help you realise the decluttered home you so much desire :-).

We're inspired to get started ourselves now!

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