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Lighting: new designs

There are so many beautiful lighting designs, from the - quite affordable - IKEA Makros lamp to the Octo by Secto, which is featured in many homes, offices and restaurants. It's hard to choose, and new designs keep coming! One of the best aspects of what we do is being on top of all the new trends and designs. And we love sharing them with you!

Wood, felt, paper and ceramics

Many different materials are used in the new design lighting. The ceramic pendants by Lyngard Ceramics from the UK are our absolute favourites, especially the Facet Lustred Pendant.

Kishu+ presents small, sober pendants made of Japanese lacquered wood. Kngb features a robust floor lamp made of wood, letter and felt, which throws a soft, diffuse light. Tom Rossau transforms birch veneer into big flower-like wall lights, that almost look as if they're made from copper. Coralie Beauchamp's futuristic designs go well with both retro and modern interiors.

Coralie Beauchamp

Lyngard Ceramics



Tom Rossau

Glass, glass and more glass

Glass is the most commonly used material for lighting. However, the ways in which it is used and applied is far from common these days. Look at the organic shapes, the subtle use of colours, the metallic finishes; they have a rather unworldly effect. Tom Dixon is a favourite (and this is not even a new design), Ebb & Flow and wow, the pearl-shaped pendants by Formagenda.

Tom Dixon

Ebb & Flow




Decorative and romantic

Pendant clusters of gauze-like materials, and bowl-shaped lampshades of thin, curved metal bars create a fairytale, romantic and sometimes even bohemian atmosphere. This mesmerising wall installation caught our eye, but we forgot to note down the brand.




Retro and industrial

The wall lights by Gong are eye-catchers, although, or must we say 'thanks to the fact that', they are absorbed by the retro accompanying wallpaper. As you see, wallpaper is almighty (more about that in a next blog). What a combination! Very different, and a bit futuristic: lighting by Icone, that appears from or disappears into the wall on command. Bert Frank presents an interesting mix of retro, industrial and modern. The gears of DCW Éditions are pretty industrial as well.



Bert Frank

DCW Éditions

Do you have sufficient lighting inspiration? Or do you need help with choosing the perfect lighting for your interior? Let us help you!

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