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Maison & Objet, Paris: the top 8 interior trends for 2018

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Here it is, our top 8 interior design trends for 2018, seen at Maison & Objet in Paris, one of the biggest and most inspiring interior design and decoration fairs of Europe. We felt like kids in a candy store, overwhelmed by the abundance of eclectic, but also sober furniture, lighting, carpets, wallpapers, and decorative elements; from minty green velvet stools to mouth blown coloured glass pendants of a meter high, a mesmerizing fake silk flower installation, and beautifully simple lights with Japanese lacquer finish. More of that in consecutive blogs and posts. First of all, our top 8 interior design trends:

1. Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall… They are everywhere, round, hexagon shaped, or assembled from various smaller pieces of coloured mirror glass, sometimes with pearly or metallic finishes. Be surprised by how you look in one of these!

Design: Selletiworld

Seen at Brucs

2. Velvet

We've shown you before that velvet is totally on trend this year. It's used in any interior product you can think of: sofas, lounge and dining chairs, stools, pillows, curtains, fifties inspired furniture, and lamp shades. You can't go wrong with velvet, as long as you choose the right colour.

Velvet lamp shade and stool

Seen at Mambo Unlimited Ideas

3. Powder- and jewel tones, combined with brights

We've seen powder tones, like minty geen, salmon pink, light blue and greyish toned down version of bright colours, used for furniture and decoration. Jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue and turquoise combine very well with bright colours like yellow, red, purple, fuchsia, blue and orange. No limits apply!

Seen at Notre Monde

See at Judeco

Unknown (but gorgeous)

4. Metallics

Gold was the central theme at Maison & Objet, and it was present everywhere, in any shape, material and finish. It's not for the fainthearted, though... Last year's copper has been replaced by brass this year.

Design: Toni Grilo

Gezien bij Judeco

5. Textures

A sheepskin on a velvet sofa, pillows of coarsely woven fabrics together with satin, everything's possible. Contrast in textures stimulates the senses, and that's exactly what you want, right?

Seen at Pol's Potten

Velvet, bamboo, marble, brass, glass and coarse fabrics combined

6. Organic versus geometric

Contrast is not only present in materials, textures and colours, but also in the shapes of designs. Rounded, organic shapes are combined with straight, geometric lines in sofas, chairs and decoration. Try it at home, and you'll be surprised by the effect!

Seen at Mambo Unlimited Ideas

7. Wallpaper

One of our favourite subjects: wallpaper! With wallpaper you make a statement. You can change the look and atmosphere in a room completely with it. We've seen it in a wide variety of stunning prints, monochrome, multicoloured, geometric, flowers, botanical, marbled, often used as a linking pin for objects of different styles.

Seen at Fancy

Unknown (but impressive)

8. Botanical trend

This is an old one, and it appears not to go out of fashion anytime soon. Prints of plants and flowers, fake cacti here and there, even whole fields of fake flowers, beautifully executed in silk. Don't think that you can only use realistic colours for your botanical items. Dare to be different!

All three seen at Fancy

We have so much more to tell and show you, and we're certainly going to do that in the coming weeks. Mayura, a very creative lady with a passion for interior design, will reinforce our team as a blogger. So, keep an eye on our blog and social media for updates on our favourite designs, trends and designers, and for the latest Homeshakers news. Please let us know how we can inspire you even more, by posting a reaction here, or on:

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