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The top 5 interior design trends for 2019

We start out the new year with a few trends on interior design. Some of them we’ve already spotted at the last interior design fairs of 2018.

Trend #1 Colour Spiced Honey

The colour of the year! Flexa chose a colour that breathes positivity and optimism. It invites colour into your space. Spiced honey combines very well with other colours: soft pastels to create a peaceful ennvironment, deep red and turquoise to create a relaxing atmosphere, and with lively, bright and stimulating colours.

Source: Flexa.nl

Trend #2 Gold

Gold is prominently present in all interior design aspects, especially in accessories. Metallics with gold finish are a big trend. Gold combines with all colours and makes your interior design a modern edge.

Source: sousou_diysign.de

Trend #3 Organic shapes

2019 is the year of organic shapes, with fewer straight lines and angles. We see them in chairs, tables, carpets and even in the bathroom! Try it out yourself by exchanging an angular for a rounded piece, and experience how well angular and organic shapes match with each other!

Source: @elledecorationdk

Trend #4 Ton-sur-ton

Contrast is interesting! Especially when colours come into play. In 2018 colour-blocking was a big trend, and it is continued in a more subtle way in 2019. Instead of using completely complementary colours, colours from the same colour group are combined. We see pastels and beige tones combined, ochre yellow with dark brown, purple and wine red, and petrol blue and dark green.

Source: Binnenhuisadviseurs.nl

Trend #5 Nature

More and more people are conscious about the way they live and consume, and sustainability stays a hot topic, also in interior design. Nature is an important theme in 2019. Get nature into your homes by an abundance of plants in your living room, bedroom and even your bathroom!

Source: homeandgarden.nl (Pinterest)

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